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Wesley Littlefield is the owner of and a disc golf addict. However, after playing for a few years, he noticed his abilities plateaued. That’s when he decided to dive deep into the mechanics of disc golf to go from an OK Disc Golfer to a Great Disc Golfer.

You’ll find all of his research and testing in the content of this site.

Thomas Godwin is a full-time freelance writer with a BFA in Creative Writing, a U.S. Marine, and an avid outdoorsman. He’s been in the disc golf scene for over a decade, starting off with a beaten-in Innova Wraith as his driver, mid-range, and putter.

Since then, he’s cut a path through central and south Alabama, through the Florida Panhandle, and down to Central Florida, playing every course he can find. When he’s not on the course, he’s writing for OKDiscGolfer, spending time with his family, and building his Trilogy bag.

Daniel Hicks- Disc Golfer

Daniel Hicks is a college senior attending the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas. He is a former college baseball player who picked up the sport after deciding to hang up the cleats and since has been full throttle playing disc golf.

An avid tournament player and form nerd Daniel tries to bring the same use of film study and analysis in baseball to disc golf. He also is very active on Instagram, where he makes content while he is on the course. When he is not playing disc golf, he is probably working at school or watching sports.

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