First Time Visitor To The 2024 Dynamic Discs Open

The 2024 Dynamic Discs Open looked like a potential rainout according to the weather forecast, but thankfully, it wasn’t. 

My first time in Emporia, Kansas, was exciting. I went to the Dynamic Discs Pro Shop when I made it into town on Friday, and it is by far the best disc golf shop I’ve stepped foot in, to date.

The first day of the professional disc golf tournament was winding down, and I was tired from working that morning and the 3-hour drive to Kansas, so I decided to grab some pizza at a local brewery and head to my campsite at Melvern Lake.

My site was on the water’s edge, which was a bit worrisome since more rain was in the forecast. It wouldn’t take the lake rising much, and my campsite and the road to get out of the campground would be underwater. 

I parked where it would be quick and easy to leave if needed and climbed into my sleeping bag in the back of my Toyota 4Runner. The rain hit about 4 or 5 am but dissipated some by the first FPO tee time. 

Day 2

As I stepped out of my SUV, I realized I’d made a huge packing mistake. The days leading up to the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open were warm, very warm, so I packed a few pairs of shorts, jeans, and T-shirts. 

Like a goob I didn’t pack a rain jacket or even a hoodie. Thankfully, I had one long-sleeve shirt I bought at the 2024 Jonesboro Open, which was better than wearing a T-shirt all weekend. 

My biggest saving grace was the Champions Landing Coffee shop. Despite the less-than-desirable weather, it was a dry and warm place to spend a few hours. It was here that I met Jeremy Rusco, the owner of Dynamic Discs and Champions Landing Disc Golf Course. After an excellent conversation, we parted ways, and I headed off to conduct a few interviews as the FPO players began finishing their rounds. 

It’s amazing that many players take the time to stop and talk with fans at the DGPT autograph tents. However, some players are not always happy with their performance and will skip the tent after a poor round.

After the FPO finished for the day, I spoke with the FPO leader, Missy Gannon, about her sub-par putting performance. While she was a little disappointed, the wind was a major factor in the uncharacteristically missed putts, and she kindly reminded me that tomorrow is a new day. We all have those kinda days, so she wasn’t too concerned with it, especially since she maintained her lead.

Missy has quickly become one of my favorite pros to interview, as she’s always smiling and willing to dish out some wisdom. Her husband Todd is a solid dude as well, but we will get to that later!

As the MPO players began finishing their second round, I had the privilege of interviewing Paul Mcbeth. Paul is another solid dude; I watched him sign many autographs and then take the time to answer a few of my questions before heading off the course to spend some time with his wife and son. 

As I watched the Chase Card and Lead Card finish their rounds, Ricky Wysocki led the MPO tournament after day two, but Calvin Heimburg was hot on his trail. 

After a full day of professional disc golf, I returned to the campground to shower and sleep. 

Day 3

Championship Sunday started off cold and dreary. I had planned to follow a couple of cards around, but the cold rain kept me inside the coffee shop for most of the morning, watching the FPO players brave the weather on the DGPT Livestream. 

Yes, they’re tougher than I am, especially when I didn’t have a change of warm, dry clothes!

The rain finally subsided a little as the FPO Chase Card and Lead Card finished their final rounds. However, we had a tie at the top, which meant a 3-hole cumulative playoff between Missy Gannon and Hailey King

They both birdied Hole 16, the Island Hole and then Missy took the lead and didn’t look back on Hole 17. Missy Gannon won the FPO 2024 Dynamic Discs Open! After her win, I jokingly asked Todd if he took any credit for her win; without hesitation, he said, no way, that was all her!

I watched the MPO Chase Card and Lead Card tee off and then returned to the coffee shop to keep dry because the rain was picking up again. 

While texting my wife, she reminded me that I should have an umbrella in the center console, so I checked, and I did! What a lifesaver! 

Having the ability to stay a bit dryer, I opened up the umbrella and braved the rain as the MPO players started finishing their rounds. Paul Mcbeth had one of the hottest rounds of the day until the last few holes. 

I was pulling for Ricky to win, but some unfortunate throws dropped him to second place, and once Calvin took first, he didn’t even think about giving it up. 

Calvin got his first win of the season, and I suspect he’ll get at least one more before the year is over. 

Final Putt: 2024 Dynamic Discs Open

I had an excellent time at the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open. The people of Emporia were very welcoming and the disc golf scene is thriving there. I was too tired to check out the block party going on in town on Friday and Saturday nights, but I heard it was a great time. 

Oh, well, there’s always next year!

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