My 2024 Jonesboro Open Experience: From Death To Meeting Pros

I had an adventure at the 2024 Jonesboro Open, to say the least, from thinking I was about to be murdered to meeting the top disc golfers in the world; I had a weekend packed with adrenaline rushes and excitement. 

Let’s just start at the beginning!

Day 1 of the Jonesboro Open

Sadly, I had to work the first day of the 2024 Jonesboro Open, and my daughter had to go to school on the first day of the competition. This meant we had a six-hour drive ahead of us after my daughter left school at 3 p.m.

We made great time and arrived at the campground; I had intended to stay around 9:15 p.m. We pulled through the campground to see zero spots available, and my heart sank because I didn’t have a great Plan B.

I found an empty parking lot nearby and decided to sleep in the back of my Toyota 4Runner, which we would do anyway. We inflated the air mattresses and climbed into our sleeping bags for the night.

We were in a nice area with expensive houses all around. Still, I was unfamiliar with the area, and it was just secluded enough that unscrupulous behavior might happen there on a Friday night, so I was on high alert as I laid my head onto my pillow.

Every car that passed, I thought, was either the police to kick us out of the parking lot and tell us to find a new spot or a homicidal maniac looking for their next victims.

I finally managed to fall asleep at about midnight, but then, at 1:30 a.m., a motorcycle pulled into the parking lot, waking me from my shallow sleep. My adrenaline instantly spiked as I watched them park their bike a few spots over. 

Apparently, they only needed to relieve themselves because they disappeared into the woods for a while, returned, climbed on their bike, and took off. 

I managed to fall back asleep for an hour or two, but to say I was tired from driving and getting very little sleep was an understatement! 

Day 2 of the Jonesboro Open

We woke up early to find a bathroom and headed to Disc Side of Heaven disc golf course, where the FPO athletes would tee off the 2nd morning of the Jonesboro Open. The weather was a little chilly, but I could tell it would be a great day to play disc golf. 

We sat on the bleachers on the west side of hole one’s tee and watched several FPO cards begin their day. Eventually, the chase card and lead card teed off, which meant the MPO would soon start teeing off. 

My daughter and I walked around to some booths where she got coupons from Tacos4Life, a fantastic restaurant I highly recommend, and talked to some vendors.

I noticed Paul Mcbeth warming up in the players’ area, so I patiently waited to watch him tee off. Then we followed him around for eight holes. 

It was incredible to see how one of the greatest players ever tackled a course. As expected, he made some incredible putts and had a few heartbreakers that would have helped his score.

After following Paul Mcbeth’s card around, it was getting hot, so my daughter got a snow cone, and we walked to hole 18 to watch the FPO athletes finish their rounds. This is where my daughter got several autographs from the top FPO players on her new Trash Panda Dune (a killer disc, by the way!). Missy Gannon spent several minutes talking with us and offering tips for beginners or anyone looking to get into disc golfing competitively. 

We also stood in line so my daughter could get Kristin Tattar’s autograph and snap a picture with her.

Instead of waiting for the MPO to finish their rounds, we headed off to lunch (at Tacos4Life) and found a camping spot. Thankfully, there was a spot at the campground where I wanted to stay the night before, so I pulled in, and we set up camp in the back of the 4Runner.

We took a much-needed nap, showered, and hung out at the campsite for the rest of the evening. I slept much better and didn’t once think I was about to get murdered!

Day 3 of the Jonesboro Open

The final day of the Jonesboro Open, we slept in a little later before heading back to Disc Side of Heaven to watch the FPO tee off. 

My daughter wanted to watch Missy tee off and follow her card around, which we did. With her quirkiness, Kat Mertsch made it a very interesting day on the course. She was cracking me up by making bird noises at bagworms before her throw and being the goofy Kat we all enjoy watching on the course. 

After following that card for eight holes, we found some shade, a snow cone, and lunch. Then, we relaxed for a while before going down to hole 18 to watch the FPO finish the tournament and get a few more autographs.

After watching Kristen Tattar tap in for the win, we decided to start heading back home so we could get back home at a decent hour. We were both missing my wife, and we had an action-packed weekend that left us both very tired. 

Final Putt: Jonesboro Open 2024

It was my first time at a professional disc golf tournament, and my daughter and I had a blast! We met lots of fantastic disc golfers and disc golf fans. It was amazing to see everyone cheering at hole 18 and watching the pros tee at hole 1. 

I’m excited to see this sport continue to grow at the rapid pace it has for the last few years, and I’ll definitely be back at another DGPT Event shortly!

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