Ace in Disc Golf: Beginners Guide to Understanding Disc Golf Aces

I’ll never forget my first ace, a 300ft forehand shot on hole 3 of my home course at Oologah Lake. Too bad no one else was there to witness it, nor have I been able to duplicate it since.

At the time, I didn’t realize how hard it was to get an ace in disc golf as I had just begun playing seriously.

Looking back, I wish I had recorded my round or at least played the round with a fellow disc golfer.

As I’ve thought about this moment from time to time, I realized new disc golfers probably don’t understand what a disc golf ace is, and I didn’t learn until recently that there are different types of aces.

So I decided to write all I know about a disc golf hole-in-one to share with you.

What is an Ace in Disc Golf?

A disc golf ace is when you throw a disc from the tee pad, and it lands in the basket. An ace is also called a hole-in-one because it only takes one throw to get the disc into the basket or hole.

Aces are not common, even for professionals, so it’s always exciting to see someone get a hole-in-one, like in the video below!

Check out our disc golf terms article to learn more disc golf slang, so you don’t sound like a noob during your next round!

Different Types of Aces in Disc Golf

Disc golfers have many different names for the various ways to get a frisbee golf hole-in-one.

Below you’ll find some of the most common types of aces.

I did not come up with all the disc golf ace terms, but I definitely use them when I get the chance!

True Ace

  • Skip Ace – When your first throw on a hole skips off the ground and lands in the basket.
  • Tree Ace – When your disc lands in the basket after hitting a tree.
  • Trace – The shortened name for a “Tree Ace.”
  • Ninja Ace – When your disc lands in the basket unseen and unheard.
  • Blind Ace – When you ace a hole where you cannot see the basket. Differs from the Ninja Ace as you hear it hit the chains and go into the basket.
  • Swish Ace – When your disc lands in the basket without hitting the chains.
  • Glow Ace – Getting an ace during a night round of disc golf when using disc lights.
  • Jump Ace – When the disc jumps up into the basket from a roll.
  • Roller Ace – Same as Jump Ace. 
  • Skywalker Ace – When your disc flies through tons of trees without hitting any of them and lands in the basket.
  • Back Door Ace – Ace that goes into the basket from the back (opposite) side of the basket from the tee pad. 
  • Virgin Ace – An ace on a course the first time you play that course. 
  • Tomahawk Ace – An ace when throwing your disc like a tomahawk.
  • Thumber Ace – An ace when throwing a thumber shot. Check out this article to learn more about types of disc golf throws
  • Copycat Ace – When a person aces the same hole immediately after someone else has just aced it. 
  • Cover-Up Ace – The same as a Copycat Ace. Cover-up lowers the value of the first ace. 
  • Gang Bang Ace – When everyone on the card aces the same hole.
  • Soup Kitchen – Same as Gang Bang Ace.
  • Plinko Ace – When your throw is flying through the trees above the basket, and it hits multiple trees and/or branches on the way down but lands in the basket.
  • Magnet/Tractor Beam Ace – An ace that appears to go in by forces unseen to the naked eye.
  • Wind Ace – When you ace with the help of the wind, otherwise, you would have missed your shot.
  • Disc of Destiny – Name for a disc that gets an ace on its first throw.

Non-Ace (Not in the intended basket)

  • Black Ace – When your disc goes into the basket of a different hole.
  • Brown Ace – When your disc lands in a garbage can or dumpster.
  • Detroit Ace – Same as a Brown Ace.
  • Groove Ace – Same as a Brown Ace.
  • Field Ace – Your second or third long approach shot that is similar in distance to an ace on shorter holes. Some people don’t like this term since it’s not an “ace” because it’s not on the first throw of the hole.
  • Cubby Ace – “Ace” on any throw after the first throw for a hole. Similar to a Field Ace.
  • Gray/Grey Ace – When you’re playing a hole with multiple baskets, and you “ace” the wrong basket.
  • Hobo Ace – When someone walking by picks up your disc and places it in the basket to start human interactions.
  • Mulli-Ace – When you ace a mulligan shot, that is allowed in play for the game. Not everyone counts this as a legit ace since it was technically on the second throw.
  • Shadow Ace – When your disc lands in the shadow of the basket.
  • Troll Ace – When you hear your disc hit the chains, but it is 50+ feet away from the basket when you find it.
picture of a basket after an ace in disc golf

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ace in disc golf?

An ace in disc golf is when a disc golfer gets a hole-in-one. If their disc lands in the basket on their first throw from the tee pad on any of the holes.

What is a black ace in disc golf?

A black ace in disc golf is when a disc golfer’s disc lands in the wrong hole’s basket.

In disc golf, an ace is also known as?

In disc golf, an ace is also known as a hole-in-one.

What is an ace run in disc golf?

An ace run in disc golf is when the disc is just thrown from the tee pad looks like it will land in the basket but misses by a few feet or inches. It looked like the perfect shot until the last second.

What to write on an ace disc in disc golf?

Write the date, course, hole, and distance on an ace disc in disc golf. You can also have the people you’re playing with sign the disc as witnesses.

Final Putt: Ace in Disc Golf

Now that you know what an ace in disc golf is, it’s time to go make it happen and become a part of disc golf history!

I’d love to hear about your first or most recent disc golf ace in the comments!

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