Best Disc Golf Courses In Great Britain: Disc Golf Destinations in the Commonwealth of Nations

Best disc golf courses in Great Britain

The best disc golf courses in Great Britain a part of a larger network of 77 courses, less than half of which have 18 holes.  Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, and Wales, along with the islands of those nations. Great Britain, England, and the UK are often used interchangeably for those who don’t know … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Shoes For Serious Disc Golfers

For those serious about the sport, the best disc golf shoes are a must-have commodity that is sorely underrated among new frolfers.  In fact, it’s usually the last thing a casual, first-time disc golfer considers.  However, take it from the veteran players—running an 18-hole course, especially one with many elevation changes, in a pair of … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Courses In Australia: Frolf In The Great Southern Land

Best Disc golf Courses in Australia

The best disc golf courses in Australia are all found on the coast, mainly the east coast. That’s not surprising since 85% of the population lives no farther than a few dozen kilometers from the ocean.  The center of Australia isn’t unpopulated, just undeveloped, at least for the most part.  Nevertheless, Australia is a top … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Courses In Canada: Pursuing Plastic Perfection In The Great White North

Best Disc Golf Courses in Canada

The best disc golf courses in Canada are spread out over 3,855,103 square miles of real estate—larger than the United States.  However, due to the seasonal weather extremes and low population densities, there are only 709 courses. Despite that, Canada is one of the best countries in the world for disc golf, sitting at the … Read more

The Best Portable Disc Golf Basket For Every Disc Golfer in 2024

best portable disc golf basket

Some of my best portable disc golf basket picks will surprise you.  Why?  Well, I’m a big believer in the tried-and-true weighted baseball bat. After a few practice swings with a heavier bat, when you step up to the plate, that bat feels like a feather.  As you will soon see, a useful and simple … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Range Finder For Every Disc Golfer

Best disc golf range finder

A disc golf range finder is a surprisingly invaluable tool to have in your bag.  Not because depth perception is a common problem or anything, but mostly because precision distances are often the difference between finishing under and having a terrible day.  Golf has range finders, so it’s only fair that disc golf has them … Read more

Best Disc Golf Baskets: Eliminate Kick-Outs With Our Ultimate Disc Golf Basket Buying Guide

Best Disc Golf Baskets

The average disc golfer may think that the best disc golf baskets are kind of a marketing ploy. After all, just for something to practice on in your backyard, it doesn’t need to be anything special. Right? Actually, a good disc golf basket makes a lot of difference. Not only do the best baskets hold … Read more

Best Disc Golf Courses In Wisconsin: Nothing But Chains In America’s Dairyland

best disc golf courses in Wisconsin Rollin Ridge

If you’re looking for the best disc golf courses in Wisconsin, good luck. The Copper State is a veritable landscape of disc golf riches.  Wisconsin isn’t the number one state (currently tabbed as the #4 state for the sport), but it is held in very high esteem by veteran and amateur disc golfers alike.  Wisconsin … Read more