The Best Disc Golf Nets To Improve Your Drives

With a few exceptions, the best disc golf nets are generally golf nets. Since disc golf really took off in America, the term “poor man’s golf” has been a common label. Yeah, it’s aggravating, but it is what it is, and no rule says we can’t use golf equipment to improve our drives.  Besides, a … Read more

Master How to Putt in Disc Golf: Expert Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Elevate Your Game!

How to Putt in Disc Golf

Learning how to putt in disc golf changes the entire dynamic of your game. If you’re new to the sport, this is your bread and butter — often the difference between a host of birdies to brag about later and a subpar day.  I often point to the approach as the “make-it-or-break-it element of disc … Read more

How To Throw Forehand in Disc Golf: Perfect Your Stance, Grip, & Max Out Your Distance!

how to throw forehand in disc golf

Learning how to throw forehand in disc golf is useful in one of two ways: As a necessary throw for a specific fairway layout or as a primary throwing mechanism for disc golfers.  In other words, you either use it a lot or only when necessary.  The forehand throw, often shortened to RHFH or LHFH, … Read more

How to Throw Backhand in Disc Golf: Beginners Guide to Perfect BH Throws

How to throw backhand in disc golf

Asking “how to throw backhand in disc golf” is an unintentional simplification. I understand where the question is coming from. I was a new disc golfer myself, once upon a time, and how to throw backhand was something I wanted to know.  However, the question suggests a simple answer. Don’t get me wrong, there is … Read more

Mastering Flight: The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Grips

Disc Golf Grips

To be honest, disc golf grips are probably one of the most comprehensively complicated topics I’ve ever covered.  It has to be that way, simply because everyone is different.  Some people have long fingers, some short, some large, and some thin. Some have to work within the scope of a disability.  Proper disc golf grips, … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Mid-Ranges For Perfect Approaches In 2024

Best Disc Golf Mid-Ranges

No matter how I place the best disc golf mid-ranges, people will always have their favorites, even if it’s specifically for the perfect approach.  It’s like arguing politics over Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing comes of it, and everyone leaves in a foul mood.  But that’s the beauty of disc golf. My knee-jerk impulse is to choose … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Putters In 2024

Best Disc Golf Putter

When I first started playing, the idea of the best disc golf putters for disc golfers was the furthest thing from my mind.  I imagine that for most beginners, putters are low on the totem pole. Initially, it was all about finding the driver that would go the distance and getting the form down right.  … Read more