Best Disc Golf Apps for Beginners and Experts

Whether you’re new to disc golf or have been addicted for years, as have I, you’re constantly on the hunt for the edge you need to take your game to the next level.

Sometimes that comes in the form of new discs, techniques, or disc golf apps.

In this article, you’ll find 15 disc golf apps every disc golfer should have on their phone.

However, I highly recommend the UDisc app if you only want to download one. It has a free and paid version and is the best all-around disc golf app.

Every disc golfer should at least have the free version downloaded to their phone.

If you still have room for more apps on your phone, don’t worry; there are plenty of other disc golf games, disc golf scorecards, and disc golf course directories to download!

Let’s get to throwing!

List of Disc Golf Apps Every Disc Golfer Should Download

  1. UDisc
  2. AccuWeather
  3. Perfect Putt 360
  4. Disc Golf Score Tracker
  5. Joe’s Flight Chart
  6. Squalla Disc Golf
  7. Disc Golf Valley
  8. Disc Golf Game
  9. Stickman Disc Golf Battle
  10. Ace Trace
  11. Disc Golf Course Review
  12. Disc Golf GPS Course Directory
  13. Disc Golf Network
  14. PDGA Live
  15. My Disc Golf


The UDisc App has everything you need as a disc golfer.

With over 13,000 course maps, you can discover your next favorite course to play! I found several courses I didn’t know existed within 30 minutes of my house using the free version of UDisc.

You can also keep score, join leagues, get putting practice, accuracy practice, keep track of the discs you own, read the official rules and regulations, find disc golf stores, and measure the distances with this disc golf app.

The paid version gives you unlimited access to all of these features.

With more than 10,000 five-star reviews, I’m not the only disc golfer that loves this app.

Basically, this app does it all. Do I need to say more?


AccuWeather isn’t a disc golf app, but it is the best weather app I’ve found, and every disc golfer should know the weather conditions in which they’re about to play.

As long as you can deal with intermittent ads popping up, I’d stick with the free version because you can choose the town you plan to play in and get the weekly, daily, and hourly weather for that location.

Perfect Putt 360

Looking to improve your putting skills?

Perfect Putt 360 will help you do just that by making every putt count, as it does during a tournament.

This is a disc golf putting game/score tracker that trains your brain to make pressured putts, so when it comes to your next round, you know you can make it.

The biggest downside is that I could not find it on IOS.

Disc Golf Score Tracker

This disc golf scorecard app easily keeps track of your score with an easy-to-use interface.

The feature I like most is the course directory. It allows users to add courses that are not currently in the directory.

Joe’s Flight Chart

disc golf apps

I highly suggest downloading Joe’s Flight Chart if you use multiple disc golf brands or plan on switching brands.

It has all the major disc golf disc manufacturers on the same scale, so you don’t have to convert between flight ratings of all the different disc brands.

You can search for specific discs or scroll through the table to sort by what matters most.

Best of all, I downloaded it for free.

Squalla Disc Golf

This app has over 700 discs to search and buy. This app is for you if you’re into buying discs online, even hard-to-find ones.

Each disc has the manufacturer description, flight numbers, and flight chart to find the perfect disc to add to your bag.

Disc Golf Valley

Disc Golf Valley is an addicting disc golf game. I’ve played it for several months, and it’s constantly getting updated with more discs, courses, and ways to play.

While it’s easy to learn, it’s challenging to master, which is why I think it’s so addicting. The physics are reasonably realistic, and the courses range from easy to difficult.

I especially like that you can compete against other people, not just the computer.

I’m not sure I’ve missed a day of playing this game since I downloaded it.

Disc Golf Game

Disc Golf Game is the one for you if you’re looking for a realistic game, but you’ll have to cough up a little money to play.

The discs from eight manufacturers fly like they would in real life. Compete against other players worldwide on five different disc golf courses.

Since it’s a paid app, once you’ve purchased it, there are no ads or in-app purchases.

Stickman Disc Golf Battle

This game is a PVP disc golfing game. It’s very cartoonish, but it’s fun to compete against others.

The disc selection is limited, but the courses are pretty cool, and you can compete in daily, weekly, and monthly live events and tournaments.

If you’re competitive and don’t care how realistic the game is, this frisbee golf app is the one for you.

Ace Trace

Have you ever wondered how they get the flight lines of the discs in videos? This is the app that will allow you to put the lines in your videos!

If you film yourself, download this free app to help your viewers see how your disc flies.

You can do the tracing yourself or let the program do it.

The downside is that you’re VERY limited to the number of videos you can make using this disc golf app’s free version, and the paid version is costly.

Disc Golf Course Review

DGCR is an inexpensive app that allows you to keep score and give driving directions to the course and hole details once you get to the disc golf course.

When you upload your rounds to DGCR, you automatically get entered into their monthly disc giveaway.

While it’s a little less fancy than UDisc, it has nearly all the same features at a lower price point.

Disc Golf GPS Course Directory

This is a disc golf score app, rangefinder, course locator, and stat tracker. If you’re into tracking your distances, fairways hit, and putts made, this disc golf tracker app will help you do it all for free.

You can create your own course or search from the 5,000 existing courses, so you’ll never run out of disc golf fun.

Disc Golf Network

If you don’t want to wait to watch major disc golf tournaments come out on YouTube, then you can subscribe to DGN.

The app is free, but you must subscribe to get access to all the exclusive shows and Disc Golf Pro Tour coverage.

PDGA members get a 50% discount.

Study the pros’ style and technique live from your couch.


This is the official PDGA disc golf app. It allows scorekeeping for PDGA events in real-time, and you can search the Official Rules of Disc Golf and Competition Manual.

Some disc golfers still prefer UDisc when competing because of its additional features.

The app is free to download, but to take full advantage; you’ll need a PDGA membership.

My Disc Golf

If you’re looking for a disc golf bag manager, you’ve found the app that allows you to see the flight matrix of your types of discs and the flight chart of your discs so you can find the perfect disc to complete your bag.

It’s free to download, and you can craft a bag for each course you visit.

Final Putt: Best Disc Golf Apps

While downloading disc golf apps to your phone has minimal effect on your game, they can improve your skills and help you pass the time when you use them properly.

I recommend downloading several of the disc golf apps above and deciding which is your favorite.

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