Arkansas’s Best Disc Golf Courses: Experience the Natural State Disc Golf Scene

Arkansas, otherwise known as the Natural State, has one of the most diverse scenes regarding disc golf courses. 

Whether you prefer woods, open, historic, or a full immersive disc golf experience, the best disc golf courses in Arkansas have exactly what you are looking for! 

With over 90 18-hole courses From Fayetteville to Jonesboro, Arkansas, has a course that will suit your needs.

This list is highly opinionated, but I would be highly surprised if you asked a native Arkansan for their opinion of one of these, if not all, of these courses would come up in conversation. 

No matter what area of the state you find yourself in, Arkansas will give any skill level a great time and a fun challenge!

My Top 3 Picks for the Best Disc Golf Courses in Arkansas

You’ll find the three best disc golf courses in Arkansas below based on my personal experience playing tournaments and for fun. These courses weren’t picked willy-nilly but thoughtfully chosen for their design and playing experience. 

  1. Persimmon Ridge DGC (Best Experience)
  1. JB Hunt DGC (Best Overall) 
  1. Disc Side of Heaven (Pro Tour Stop Favorite)

It is important to note that I am a little biased towards wooded courses when it comes to me deciding where I want and recommend playing for people. 

But these courses not only represent the state of Arkansas, they also cover a variety of styles and shot shaping, which makes good disc golfing for beginners and advanced players.

Arkansas’s Best Disc Golf Courses

Persimmon Ridge DGC (Best Experience)


  • 27 Holes 
  • Concrete pads 
  • 3 layouts
  • Restrooms/Beverages 

Persimmon Ridge was established in 2018 on a now repurposed ball golf course; it has been featured on GK Pro Skins multiple times over the years as well as holding several A, B, and C tier tournaments throughout the year. 

This course makes good use of the 90 acres it sits on, with three different layouts ranging from 6,558 feet on the short end to the gold layout eclipsing 10,000 feet. It is pay-to-play here; however, the low fees get you all-day access. 

You can also rent a golf cart to drive around the course, along with browsing a fully stocked pro shop!

JB Hunt DGC (Best Overall)


  • 27 holes 
  • Concrete Pads 
  • 3 layouts ( including Junior)
  • On sight Pro shop 

This course sits at best overall for a reason; J.B. Hunt or JBeast is, as Dale from Step Brothers once said, “ it is a combination of Fergie and Jesus.” 

This course boasts some of the best open and wooded holes in Arkansas, with some challenging par fours on its main layout, along with the 27-hole JBeast layout, which combines a pitch and putt junior course with the main layout. 

A fully stocked pro shop with a knowledgeable staff, along with great design, is why you will find J.B. Hunt on any must-play list in Arkansas. 

Disc Side of Heaven (DGPT stop)


  • 18 Holes 
  • Turf Pads ( the best pads)
  • Private course 
  • $10 pay to play

If you are familiar with the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT), this course will be in your memory. This course is for bigger arms, with both layouts being 8500 to almost 10,000 feet respectively. 

It can show its teeth, which makes sense for a perennial tour stop. Now if taking a summer trip, the course will be unrecognizable to most as it is used for a hay farming operation. If you are up for the challenge, this course will not disappoint. However, if you are new or introducing someone to the game, the best way to take in this course may be on YouTube. 

Overall, if in eastern Arkansas, Disc Side of Heaven is a course that is more than worth taking a trip to.

Old Post DGC (Best Park Style)


  • 19 Holes 
  • 2 layouts
  • Concrete / some rubber Tees
  • bathrooms 

Old Post, former home of the vintage motor open (national tour, silver series), still boasts a pro-level track. 

Coming in around 6,300 to 8500 feet respectively, this course is a gem located in Russellville, Arkansas. Right on Lake Dardanelle, Old Post gives you much more than just disc golf. 

Personally, I cannot stand hiking, but the woods in this area, in general, makes me understand why people do. The course itself is great, but the atmosphere or “vibe,” as cool people would say, is top-notch. 

Old Post has its fair share of tournaments, a good mix of some open and wooded holes, a challenging gold layout that is a par 60, to a normal layout that is par 57. 

Again like Disc Side of Heaven, this is not a beginner-friendly course, but it is sure pretty if you are in central-ish Arkansas, make a stop at Old Post.

Pleasant View DGC (Best Mixed Course)


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete/ Rubber Tees
  • Some long pin positions 
  • Public park 

Let me be clear by what I mean when I state something is a good mixed course. A good mixed course not only features open and wooded holes, but it tests different shots between the two. 

Pleasant View does just this almost as well, if not better than any other course I have ever played. 

Let me paint a picture. 

The front holes of this course range from bombing shots to poke and hope to scenic views with very troublesome water hazards. 

Pleasant view also ranges between 6,000 and 7,000 feet depending on the layout and is more friendly, in my opinion, for beginners than some of the others on this list. This course is also located in Russellville, Arkansas, and is where I find myself picking to play the most often when I find myself in the area. 

If curious, this course is often featured by local disc golf content creators in the area and deserves more recognition for its excellent design.

Creekside DGC (Best tournament Course) 


  • 18 holes
  • Concrete Tees 
  • Restrooms
  • Water

Creekside DGC is a very scenic, mostly wooded course located in Farmington, Arkansas.

It gets the title of best tournament course, in my opinion, due to its requirements for the player to hit the fairway. 

This course in areas has some of the thickest rough you can come across at a disc golf course. Which helps add to the beauty that you will see between these holes. 

It boasts two layouts, shorts and longs, maxing out around 6,400 feet. Even on the shorter side of most of the courses on this list, Creekside does require lots of flat, straighter shots to navigate tight fairways creating a unique challenge. 

This course has plenty of scoring separation for the majority of tournament fields allowing for good play, competitively or casually. 

Beaver Fork DGC (Best Woods and Water)


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete Tees
  • Public Park

Located in Conway, this may be one of the most scenic courses you can find. Pretty water features keep this 18-hole course very interesting to play. Tight woods make this shorter track (4,000) feet a good challenge and choice for most disc golfers. 

Beaver Fork DGC is a well-signed and well-manicured course, but rates are lower here because of the park’s popularity. 

People are often out enjoying the park with non-disc golf-related activities. Overall, the water features and the tight woods make this a great stop for you next time in Conway.

Jaggerbush Hollow (Best Hidden Gem)


  • 18 Holes 
  • Concrete / Wood Deck
  • Water on sight

Last but not least comes Jaggerbush Hollow, located in Lamar, Arkansas. This is a private wooded track located on a family property. 

The access is limited; however, I have never been denied playing here. 

This course has short and long pin positions around 5,000 feet in both sets. The owner is an avid disc golf fan who keeps this property in pristine condition year around. 

Challenging dog legs and elevation make it a tough track to score on. 

Overall, this property is what disc golf is all about, in my opinion. A family’s passion project, along with trees, lots of trees, because disc golf is more fun in the woods. 

Final Putt

Now that we’ve covered the best disc golf courses in Arkansas, it’s time to check out the best disc golf courses in the US. The explosion of disc golf in the last decade has led to some incredible courses and ridiculously good players. 

I hope to see you on the course soon! 

Don’t forget to let us know you’re favorite Arkansas disc golf course in the comments!

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