Oklahoma’s Best Disc Golf Courses: Pars on the Prairie

Oklahoma finds itself rooted deep within the disc golf scene. With over 200 courses and multiple notable touring pros, Oklahoma has some serious stake in the conversation for one of, if not the best disc golf state. Whether you like woods or open, short or long, elevated or flat, or anything else you can think of, Oklahoma has what you are looking for. 

Now, I am from Oklahoma and very biassed as well; however, these courses truly encompass all aspects of disc golf as well as showcase some of the most challenging holes and fun holes that you will find in the state. 

My Top 3 Picks for the Best Disc Golf Courses in Oklahoma

Here are the best courses (IMO) in Oklahoma these courses are a mix of woods and open. These are all cannot miss courses, and if you find yourself in the greatest state in the union, you will not be disappointed playing any of these courses.

  1. The Lodge (Two courses on Avery Jenkins property)
  1. Blackhawk (Best Woods Course)
  1. Twin Bridges (Best variety) 

One of the best disc golf communities in the nation has to be located in Oklahoma; shout out to Kyle Gibson and the TDSA for providing multiple high-quality courses throughout the Tulsa area and beyond. Giving disc golfers a plethora of choices when it comes to where they want to play. 

If you find yourself in Oklahoma or if you are a native looking for some more courses to play, you came to the right place with this list.

Oklahoma’s Best Disc Golf Courses 

The Lodge (Pawhuska)


  • 36 holes 
  • Two courses, one property 
  • Island course has three sets of pads
  • Pay to play 

The Lodge is a private pay-to-play disc golf resort that offers camping at certain events. The lodge is almost unanimous number one among Oklahoma disc golfers as a large part of its design and ownership belongs to World Champion Avery Jenkins.

This resort has two courses, Moccasin Creek and the Island Course, both giving golfers challenging lines and holes. Moccasin Creek caters more toward the pro level at 7,500 feet. While the Island Course ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 feet, depending on the tees. Overall, if you haven’t ever played a private course, the lodge, along with many others, set the standard for the future of disc golf.

BlackHawk DGC (Tulsa)


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete pads
  • Restrooms
  • Located by a zoo (so that is fun)

The key to playing a course like Blackhawk is two things: first, bug spray second, find and stay on the fairways. Blackhawk has been the home to the Oklahoma Open for the last couple of years, and it serves very well as a tough tournament-quality course. This course is sub 5,000 feet however, thick rough long wooded fairways and tough water hazards make Blackhawk a very challenging course for any level of golfer.

 Unlike some wooded courses, Blackhawk does shine due to its fairness to good shots and punishment to the bad, and believe me; it is a punishment for the bad. Overall, if you are in the Tulsa area and looking for a wooded challenge, Blackhawk is your course.

Twin Bridges (Catoosa) 


  • 18 Holes 
  • Concrete Tees
  • Restrooms

This comes in as number three on our best courses list but is going to be the first one I would recommend to anyone asking me personally. Why? Twin Bridges has the best variety of any course in Oklahoma. Short pads ranging around 5,000 feet to a 6,500 set of long pads, beginner, intermediate and advanced arms can all find this course a challenge. 

Twin Bridges has a mix of open and wooded holes with one of the best signature holes you will see on a disc golf course. A newer course being built in 2021, it is easy to see why Twin Bridges quickly has become a top choice for me and many other Oklahoma golfers. 

Safari Smiles DiscGolfPark (Bartlesville)


  • 18 holes 
  • Two sets of Concrete tees, two sets of baskets 
  • Water/ Restrooms

Safari Smiles is a newer course to the Bartlesville area, coming with a potential 4 layouts possible it is also one of the most versatile courses in the state. DiscGolfPark, for those not familiar, is an extension of DiscMania and is also responsible for designing another course on this list in Case Park. All that to say, world champion Avery Jenkins plays a major role in many of the top courses in Oklahoma, this being one of them. 

Safari Smiles ranges from 4,500 feet up to almost 7,000 feet allowing the course to fit the playing needs of all players, along with having a good mix of open and wooded holes. Sure to bring you and whoever you are playing with a lot of fun and maybe even some smiles.

Hoyt Grove ( Stillwater) 


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete Tees
  • Mexican restaurant past hole 9 that sells discs

My first time playing this course was one of the coolest moments disc golf has had in my life, a course with a wait. Every hole was packed, and everyone was having a great time, and since then, this course has had a special place in my heart. But above my fondness for this course, it has some great shot shapes through the woods, and at 5,800 feet, it is a perfect course for beginners or intermediate players. The best feature of this course is past hole nine, where a Mexican restaurant is located that also sells discs, so in between the front and back, you can stop in and have a drink or a meal before continuing your round. 

Haikey Creek Park (Tulsa)


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete Tees 
  • Redesigned 2021

Haikey Creek is one of the older disc golf courses in Oklahoma, established in 1980, and still remains very popular today. This is mainly due to a complete revamping of the course in the last year, making it very suitable for modern players.  

This course, again, is a mix of open and wooded holes ranging from 6,800 feet to 8,700 feet on the long layout of the course, making it a course geared towards intermediate to advanced players. However, if you are looking for a tough challenge, Haikey Creek may be your destination. 

Dolese West Course (OKC)


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete Tees
  • Cart friendly

Dolese West is one-half of the “OG” course located in Oklahoma City. This course is a shorter wooded course coming in at 4,700 feet but not without some beautiful lines and challenging shots for players looking to work on their woods game. This course is also on the same layout as East and can be combined or played into a 21 or 24-hole layout. One of the most booked courses for tournaments in OKC, Dolese, is worth checking out. 

Craig Parker Memorial DGC (Durant) 


  • 18 holes 
  • Concrete tees 
  • Water/Restrooms 

Last but not least on this list is Craig Parker making this list. It slipped my mind. Mainly because it is located in Durant, which is about as far south as you can get in Oklahoma; however, this course is designed by Eric McCabe, and it has his signature all over it: LONG!!. I will not say this lightly the short layout is dang near 7,000 feet. Longs almost 9,000 feet which is about average for a pro tour course, so before you pack the kids up, heed my warning. 

Now that I got my precautions out of the way, we can talk about the course. It has everything,  water, open, trees, and elevation mixed in. It comes with par 4s and 5s with plenty of challenges in between. One of the most challenging courses in the state, we couldn’t submit this list without Craig Parker attached. 

Final Putt

Those are the best disc golf courses in Oklahoma by an Oklahoman, which basically makes this the best list you’ll find anywhere. If you were a fan of this article, please check out the best disc golf courses in the US, which is a compilation of the best of the best if you want to cut straight to the chase.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments as well as anything you all would like to see in the future. On that note, time to get outside and go play one of these amazing courses!

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