Disc Golf Brands Every Disc Golfer Should Know

Whether you’re new to disc golf or a veteran player, there are so many disc golf brands that it’s challenging to keep up with all of them.

That’s why I’ve created this list of common disc golf brands the average disc golfer should know and sprinkled in a few new and uncommon ones.

You may find your new favorite disc golf brand below!

Disc Golf Brands From A to Z

As you continue reading, you’ll find the top disc golf brands and brands you’ve never heard of, or at least I hadn’t heard of them until creating this list.

While most of the companies below are still connected to the disc golf industry in some form or fashion, I have listed several that are no longer making disc golf equipment because you might stumble across their discs if you’re a collector or dedicated frisbee golfer.

1080 Disc Golf

This disc golf disc company would use their type of plastic with other manufacturers’ molds. However, they only had one disc approved by the PDGA and never took off.

ABC Discs

ABC Discs had several discs approved by the PDGA, but they are no longer in production. They were most popular in the early 2010s.

Above Ground Level

AGL “strives to be the greenest disc golf company” by making discs with recycled plastic.

They have many discs approved for use in PDGA-sanctioned events.


Aerobie no longer makes disc golf discs. However, they do manufacture recreational frisbees and throwing rings.

They had several discs approved by the PDGA in the early 2000s.

Albatross Disc Golf

Albatross has ten discs approved for play by the PDGA. Their latest was in 2021. As of this writing, they have yet to do much in terms of creating and marketing discs.

Alpha Discs

The first disc manufacturer based in Norway, Alpha Discs aims to help make the disc golf industry greener by using recycled materials.

They do not currently have any discs approved by the PDGA.

AquaFlight Discs

If you’re searching for a floating disc, AquaFlight Discs would be a good place to start if they were easier to find.

They have several molds approved by the PDGA.

Arsenal Discs

Arsenal Discs had several discs approved in 2017 using a scientific approach to designing discs.

I like the names of their discs and hope they continue to make more!


Axiom Discs has many discs approved by the PDGA, but none since 2021. They are a branch of MVP Disc Sports, which we will discuss later.

Black Zombie

With several approved discs, such as the Chainsaw, Flamethrower, and War Hammer, Black Zombie Disc Golf grabs disc golfers’ attention with the graphics on their discs.

CHING Sports

Before going defunct, CHING discs were made by Innova. With loads of them approved by the PDGA.

These discs are basically Innova discs with different names.

Clash Discs

Clash Discs is a relatively new Finnish disc golf company. They currently do not have any discs listed as approved by the PDGA; however, they appear to be moving in that direction.

Crosslap Disc Golf

Crosslap Discs are manufactured in Germany with several discs approved by the PDGA. They have temporarily stopped making disc golf carts because of the increased cost of production.

Daredevil Discs

Daredevil makes disc golf discs approved by the PDGA and frisbees certified by the USAU for ultimate frisbee. Based in Canada, Daredevil discs was founded in 2002 by Ultimate Frisbee players and disc golfers.


DGA is located in California. They claim to be the company that began it all when it comes to disc golf and currently sell disc golf equipment.

Disc Golf UK / Launch Disc Golf

The company was formed in 2015 “to grow the sport of Disc Golf through competitions, courses, coaching, and access to discs.”

In 2019, they began producing UK-made discs under the Disc Golf UK and Launch Disc Golf brands. Disc Golf UK has several discs approved by the PDGA.

Disc Mania

Founded in Finland in 2006, Disc Mania’s goal is to take the sport to a new country every year.

They are one of the leading disc manufacturers, with many discs approved for play by the PDGA.

Disc Nation

Disc Nation is a disc golf online retailer. They also have a store in Austin, TX, carrying the major disc golf brands.


Discraft is one of the leading disc golf companies producing disc golf equipment and a TON of discs approved by the PDGA.

They sponsor some of the top professional disc golfers in the world.

DiscWing Limited

The original disc golf brand in the UK was DiscWing Limited. Their disc designs were revolutionary for 2005, but they took too long to come to market and never really caught on.

They have several discs approved by the PDGA but no longer make discs, as far as I can tell.

Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs makes discs for casual, recreational disc golfers — not professionals, so they don’t have any discs approved by the PDGA.

However, their discs are easy to throw and great for beginners.

DKG Disc Sports

DKG had a short run, but they had several discs approved by the PDGA in 2010.

Doomsday Discs

If you’re concerned about playing disc golf after modern society collapses, Doomsday Discs is your company.

They’re a newer company but have had several discs approved by the PDGA in 2022.

Dynamic Discs

disc golf brands: Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs, located in Emporia, Kansas, is a leading disc golf equipment manufacturer. They make bags, baskets, apparel, and of course, discs.

They’re one of the three trilogy brands, Westside, Latitude 64, and Dynamic Discs, with loads of discs approved by the PDGA, and currently make some of the best disc golf discs on the market.

Dynamic Disc/ Destiny

This is a different company than the one previously mentioned; it’s much older and no longer makes discs but still has several PDGA-approved discs; most are collectibles.

Destiny, as the company was first called, is credited with creating the smaller discs disc golfers now use in the early 1980s.

Element Discs

After having six discs approved in 2016, Element Discs never grew in popularity to take off as a competitive disc manufacturer.

They sold their disc molds to Above Ground Level, which we discussed earlier on this list of disc golf companies.


EMSCO Group produces many plastic products and a few pieces of disc golf equipment for the beginner.

They have a few discs approved by the PDGA, but they don’t seem concerned with coming up with new molds or trying to make waves in the industry.


Elevation Disc Golf has a unique approach to the materials they use for discs. The discs are floppier than your average disc, and some molds are made from recycled materials.

They currently have four discs approved for play by the PDGA.


“Eurodisc’s goal is to spread the love of disc sports while pressing the boundaries of sustainability.” They are one of the top frisbee brands for Ultimate and have several discs approved by the PDGA.


Founded by Phil Arthur, a PDGA Hall of Fame National Tour Champion, 2009 Masters World Champion, and co-founder of Prodigy Disc. So Phil knows a thing or two about disc golf.

EV-7 has several discs approved by the PDGA.

Extreme Glow

Extreme Glow makes lights for disc golf discs used for glow rounds or playing at night.

Fly High Discs

Gateway manufactured Fly High Discs. Some of the disc names were controversial because they were related to cannabis. At the time, disc golf was trying to go mainstream and not only be associated with hippies.

They have several PDGA-approved discs.

Fourth Circle Discs

Beginning as a small tournament shop, it has grown into a full-scale shop and disc golf disc manufacturer in Queensland, Australia.

Fourth Circle Discs has several molds approved by the PDGA.

Full Turn Discs

Based out of Joplin, Missouri, Full Turn Discs began in 2016 by collaborating with Prodiscus to design and construct disc golf discs.

Since their inception, they’ve developed many molds approved by the PDGA.


Gateway has been manufacturing disc golf products since 1994. They’re located in Maryland Heights, Missouri, and have built over 90 championship-caliber courses in the last 25 years.

If you’re looking for a PDGA-approved disc, Gateway will have one because they have lots of discs on the approved list.

Goliath Discs

Based out of Northwest Iowa, Goliath Discs is a faith-based company wanting to help you defeat your inner giant.

They have several molds approved by the PDGA.

Good Dog Disc Golf

Good Dog Disc Golf is an online retailer and manufacturer based in Austin, TX, specializing in innovative disc golf products such as a chain silencer (for practicing) and Groundbound knee pads.

Guru Disc Golf

Guru Disc Golf is a retailer and disc manufacturer located in Norway. Several of their discs have been PDGA-approved over the last few years.

Hive Disc Golf

Hive is a part of the MVP brands, which produces disc golf baskets and disc retrieval tools.

Hooligan Discs

Hooligan Discs began in 2022 to bring premium plastic to many players. They already have a few molds approved by the PDGA.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs is the leading online disc golf retailer that has Innova Champion Discs manufacture several PDGA-approved molds for them.


Innova disc golf brand

In 1983, Dave Dunipace created the world’s first disc designed specifically for disc golf, and Innova, one of the best disc golf manufacturers, was founded.

Since then, they have been at the top of the best disc golf brands and sponsor many top touring disc golf pros.

Innova has LOADS of molds approved by the PDGA.


JomezPro is the leader in covering major disc golf tournaments. If you haven’t watched their YouTube videos, you should.

This is the best free video content you’ll find covering disc golf professionals.


Started in 2011, Kastaplast is an independent disc manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweeden, with many molds approved for play by the PDGA.

They use solar energy to power a large part of their production and are finding ways to incorporate recycling into their processes to reduce waste and be more sustainable.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 is located in Sweeden but distributes discs worldwide. They’ve quickly become one of the best disc golf disc brands.

They sponsor several of the best disc golfers in the world and have many discs approved by the PDGA.

Legacy Discs

Legacy Discs was established in 2011 to provide disc golfers with the best disc golf gear.

They’re located in Los Angeles, California, and have lots of discs approved by the PDGA for play.

Lightening Discs

Lightening Golf Discs is an older company, and it isn’t easy to find much info on them, despite having loads of discs approved by the PDGA. Infinite Discs has a few of their discs in stock at times.

Loft Discs

Loft names their discs after elements on the periodic table, so if you’re a science nerd, you’ll find their names amusing.

They have several discs approved for PDGA-sanctioned events.

Lone Star Discs

Lone Star Disc is a family-owned and operated disc manufacturer in Conroe, TX. They’ve come out with many molds approved by the PDGA in recent years.


Millennium has a complete lineup of premium discs and bags for disc golfers of all skill levels.

They have lots of discs approved by the PDGA.


Founded in 2015, Mint Discs has a unique serial # system for their discs. Since their inception, they’ve had several molds approved for PDGA play.


MVP Disc Sports makes many discs approved by the PDGA and sells disc golf bags, baskets, and other disc golf accessories.

Northstar Disc

Northstar develops and designs its discs independently in Copenhagen, Denmark. They’ve recently had several discs approved by the PDGA.

Obsidian Discs

Obsidian discs is a company of players designing discs for players. Based in Finland, they have several PDGA-approved molds.


The Professional Disc Golf Association governs over 6,000 tournaments and sets the standards and rules for players worldwide.


In 2013, Prodigy Disc Golf was founded by disc golf world champions. They now make disc golf targets, bags, and accessories alongside PDGA-approved discs.


Prodiscus is the first disc golf brand and manufacturer to produce all of its discs in Finland. They began importing disc golf equipment in 2006 but quickly decided to create their products for the Finnish disc golfing community.

Prodiscus has several approved molds for PDGA-sanctioned events.

Quest AT Disc Golf

Quest Applied Technologies Disc Golf is a small company that makes unique and, at times, experimental disc molds.

They’ve had several molds approved by the PDGA throughout the years.

Reptilian Disc Golf

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Reptilian Disc Golf was established in 2013. Since then, they’ve had many molds approved by the PDGA.

RPM Discs

RPM Discs headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand. They manufacture discs and disc golf baskets that are used around the world.


Salient is a Defunct disc golf company that used to produce disc golf equipment. The founder also tried to establish the American Disc Golf Tour (ADGT), but that was also a failed venture.


Disc golfers design Skyquest discs for all levels of players. They have a few discs approved by the PDGA but have yet to have any approved in the last few years.

Storm Disc Golf

Storm Disc Golf was launched in 2018 as a Gateway distributer in Lubbock, TX, while they perfected their molds. Since its beginning, Storm has had several discs approved by the PDGA.


Streamline Discs is part of the MVP Network of disc golf brands. They have several discs approved for PDGA tournaments.

Thought Space Athletics

Thought Space Athletics began as an apparel company in 2012 that has now grown into a full-blown disc golf disc manufacturer with discs approved by the PDGA.

Tobu Discs

Tobu Discs’ claim to fame is the first company to get a disc with a mechanical component approved by the PDGA. The device allowed disc golfers to find their discs when they were within 50 feet.

However, they were too expensive for disc golfers to take a genuine interest in, and they only had a couple of discs approved by the PDGA.


TOSY is a frisbee company with several discs approved by the PDGA; however, their primary target market seems to be recreational frisbee players and night disc golfers.

Their discs have many cool technological features that help you track your throw and perfect your form, and cool LED lights for glow disc golf.

Trash Panda Disc Golf

Trash Panda Disc Golf was started in 2020. They created the first 100% recycled and recyclable disc approved by the PDGA.


UDisc is the leading disc golf app that allows disc golfers to find a new course, keep score, and many other things.


Vibram is a rubber shoe sole manufacturer that still has some rubber discs on the market approved by the PDGA.


Located in Finland, Viking Discs uses plastics sourced from Germany to craft their discs approved by the PDGA. They also sell baskets and disc golf bags.

Westside Discs

Westside Discs is one of the trilogy companies alongside, Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64. They’re located in Sweeden and have many discs approved by the PDGA.


Wham-O is a toy company that has made many PDGA-approved discs throughout the years. However, they have since focused on being a recreational frisbee brand with little connection to disc golf.

Wild Discs

Founded in 2020, Wild Discs has a unique business model. They are passionate about disc golf and have a mission to help wildlife conservation by donating a minimum of 5% of their proceeds to a wildlife conservation organization.

They also have had several discs approved by the PDGA in recent years.

X-Com Discs

X-Com Discs makes beginner-friendly discs, many of which are approved by the PDGA.

Yikun Discs

Yikun Discs was founded in 2008 and is the first Asian company whose products are approved by the World Flying Disc Federation and the PDGA.


Zuca has been making travel bags since 2004. However, it was in 2015 that they released the disc golf cart designed to carry all your discs across any terrain.

Final Putt

There are so many disc golf brands it’s challenging to stay on top of, so if I still need to mention your favorite brand, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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