Discovering the Best Disc Golf Courses in the World: Unleash Your Inner Disc Golfer!

Coming up with the best disc golf courses worldwide is a very tall order. Where to even begin? With the sport’s history, as it spread across the globe like a brushfire in a hot, dry July? That’s an impossible task since the inception of disc golf is as murky and mysterious as Jack the Ripper.  … Read more

Colorado’s Best Disc Golf Courses: Elevated Excellence

Best disc golf courses in Colorado

For the flatlanders in America, the best disc golf courses in Colorado take some getting used to. No part of the entire state is under 3,000’ of elevation, affecting your discs’ flight patterns. With a lower overall air density, there’s less friction at play.  Understandable discs will fly more stable, and overstable discs will have … Read more

North Carolina’s Best Disc Golf Courses: Unveiling the Ultimate Fairways in the Tar Heel State

Best disc golf courses in North Carolina

The best disc golf courses in North Carolina span the entire spectrum of topography, from the Smokey Mountains to the swampy areas around Camp Lejeune and the beautiful beach life in the Outer Banks. You’ll find plenty of variety in the Tar Heel State.  The Charlotte area is the beating heart of the sport in … Read more

Tennessee’s Top 8 Disc Golf Courses: Most Scenic and Challenging Destinations

Without a doubt, Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever had the privilege to play disc golf in. I find myself staring around at the scenery as often as trying to park my Lucid Warden under the basket.  As a fan of the Trilogy brands (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64°, and Westside), I … Read more

Mississippi Disc Golfing: A Tour of the State’s Best Courses

Best disc golf courses in Mississippi

When it comes to the best disc golf courses in Mississippi, it’s not a short list. Within the last decade or so, disc golf has exploded in popularity across the country. From rural, deep woods and farmlands to urban concrete and asphalt, disc golf is taking over.  Mississippi is a beautiful state with plenty of … Read more

Georgia’s Disc Golf Paradise: 8 Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

Some of the best disc golf courses in Georgia have reached legendary status, from the disc golf version of Field of Dreams to the beating heart of the International Disc Golf scene. Georgia has everything a disc golfer could want, regardless of experience. Not to mention the gorgeous views. Georgia is often overlooked when it … Read more

Florida’s Top 8 Disc Golf Courses: Experience the Thrill of the Game

The best disc golf courses in Florida are a dime a dozen. In fact, it’s difficult to find a course down here that isn’t worth the time to write about. Sure, it’s hot and humid in Florida, and the mosquitoes are loathsome, but I’ve rarely seen better courses north of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s a … Read more

Alabama’s Finest Disc Golf Courses: Our Top Eight Picks

Best disc golf courses in Alabama

As an amateur disc golfer growing up in the panhandle, I’ve created my little triangle, stretching from southeast Louisiana to Birmingham, Alabama, and back down to Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve found that the best disc golf courses in Alabama are a little spread out, while several are in the southernmost part of the state.  The level … Read more