15 of the Best Disc Golf Gifts EVERY Disc Golfer Wants

For some of us, buying gifts is difficult. We want the gift to represent our appreciation for the receiver and the person to love the gift.

That’s why we often buy stuff related to their favorite hobbies.

Hence you’re here looking for the best disc golf gifts for a friend or loved one.

As an avid disc golfer, I thought long and hard about what I would want as a gift. I came up with the following list that covers beginners through advanced players, so it’s sure to spark an idea.

Gifts for Disc Golfers Under $50

One of the many great things about disc golf is how inexpensive it is to start playing. Unlike traditional ball golf, you can get started playing for under $100.

That’s good news for those looking to buy the disc golfers in our life a meaningful gift without breaking the bank!

Here are some of the MANY disc golf gifts under $50.

Pulsea Disc Golf Academy Subscription

Pulsea Disc Golf Academy is the perfect gift for any disc golfer wanting to improve their score.

This disc golf app allows the average player to learn from professional disc golfers teaching tips and techniques that help set them apart from the rest of the competition.

As of this writing, it’s $40 for a yearly subscription, and they’re regularly adding new courses at no extra cost once you’ve purchased the subscription.

You can show how much you care by helping the disc golfer in your life drastically lower their score with these disc golf classes.

UDisc Pro Subscription

The UDisc app is one of the best gifts for disc golfers because it allows them to find new courses to play on, helps keep track of their score, and can be used as a quick reference for the rules.

The chances are the disc golfer in your life has their free plan because few disc golfers still need to download the app!

However, you can get them a subscription to open up all the features they currently can’t access.

I guarantee this will be one of their most used gifts because they will use it on and off the disc golf course.

Disc Golf Grip Enhancer

Every disc golfer should have a grip enhancer.

A grip enhancer helps dry the disc golfer’s hands. It can be a towel, Whale Sac, or grip Wax Mini Marker.

While each product uses a different technique, they all have the common goal of drying sweat or water from a disc golfer’s hands for every type of disc golf throw.

If they ever play in warm or wet conditions, which every disc golfer I know does, then they need a grip enhancer.

They’ll have you to thank when they start throwing further and more accurately!


I love the FlighTowel because it’s versatile. I don’t have unlimited money or space, so when I can purchase a product that fills multiple holes, I will jump on it.

This simple product is what every disc golfer needs to warm up, clean off their disc, or help correct their form during the middle of a round.

A FlighTowel is a piece of a disc secured to a towel. You can choose which disc to make (you’ll probably need to ask your disc golfer what their favorite disc is) and if it’s for right or left-handed throwers.

Reusable Hand Warmer

A reusable hand warmer is a perfect cold-weather gift for frisbee golf players. Many frisbee golfers quit playing when the weather turns cold because it hurts their hands.

You can now help them comfortably play the game they love more often by buying them disc golf gloves or reusable hand warmers.

The average disc golfer can keep a reusable hand warmer in their coat pocket to keep their hands warm during their round.

If your frisbee golfer lives in a cold climate or wants to play year-round, reusable hand warmers make excellent disc golf Christmas gifts.

Disc Retriever

Every disc golfer loses a disc or two in the water or to a tree. While discs aren’t expensive, they hold a special place in our hearts, so losing one is tough.

You can prevent debilitating heartache by getting your disc golfer a disc retriever.

There are a few different styles, but they all allow frisbee golfers to get their disc golf disc out of the water or a tree.

They’ll love you forever when, not if, the disc golfer in your life gets their favorite disc back after they thought they’d lost it for eternity.

Disc Dot

“Aim small, miss small” is a phrase I picked up from shooting my bow, but it translates perfectly into disc golf putting.

The Disc Dot allows disc golf putters to focus and aim (small) at a single chain link. When they do this, they’re more accurate with their putts which shave strokes off their score.

Putting is the disc golf throw that will help disc golfers better their score, but only some focus on it because it’s less cool than throwing farther.

However, when you get a disc golf player the Disc Dot, they’ll know you want them to be better at their passion.

ProPull Disc Golf Trainer

While this might look like resistance bands on a disc, the ProPull Disc Golf Trainer is designed by disc golfers for disc golfers.

It helps disc golfers gain flexibility and strength and develop good throwing form.

If you know a frisbee golfer who wants to increase their throwing distance, this is one of the tools they need. I have one, and it’s a great workout when I can’t make it to the course.

The great thing is that it’s inexpensive and can be used indoors or outdoors. The disc golfer in your life will appreciate you for allowing them to get better without traveling to the course to do form work.

Disc Golf Gift Ideas $50-$100

If you’re looking to surprise an avid disc golfer with a great gift, consider spending more than $50 on it.

In that case, we still have you covered with a few options that are still below $100.

Disc Golf Network Subscription*

The Disc Golf Network covers professional-level disc golf events. Subscribers can watch the world’s best disc golfers compete, exclusive interviews, and disc golf shows.

If the disc golfer in your life is a PDGA member, they receive a 50% discount on the monthly subscription, or you can choose the Pay Per View option and buy select shows and tournament coverages.

With thousands of hours of content already available and new content being added regularly, they’ll be able to watch disc golf whenever they want on the Disc Golf Network app.

This makes an excellent gift for those days when they can’t make it to the course to play.

Disc Golf Bag

Many disc golf brands make a bag designed to carry several discs. Disc golf bags can range in price from $20-$200, depending on how many discs you want to fit in and how comfortable they are when carrying them.

I recommend getting the average disc golfer a bag in the $50-$100 range because one at this price should carry more than enough discs for a round, plus the disc golf accessories they keep in their bag.

It’s best to ask the disc golfer what they want in a bag unless it’s a surprise gift; you should go with the one you think they will use the most.

Disc Golf Gift Card

I know gift cards require little thought. However, they allow the disc golfer in your life to get what they want and need.

They can buy new discs or a bag or put it towards more expensive disc golf items they wouldn’t usually purchase.

You won’t have to worry about them returning the E-gift card or re-gifting it because they will definitely use it.

A disc golf gift card is one of the best disc golf gifts for him because guys are often very picky about getting specific products and brands.

Disc Golf Stuff Over $100

If you haven’t seen anything that screams, “Wow, this is the perfect gift for someone who loves disc golf,” it’s time we brought out the more expensive disc golf stuff.

These disc golf gifts are for the dedicated disc golfer. If you know they’re obsessed with disc golf; then the following items are the gifts to get them.

Disc Golf Shoes

Most disc golfers play in tennis or hiking shoes; however, companies are beginning to make shoes designed specifically for disc golf.

Frisbee golf shoes hold up to the unique requirements of disc golfers, so they have better grip, are water-resistant, and support the awkward stances we sometimes find ourselves in.

You should expect to pay around $150 for disc golf shoes; hopefully, as more companies create shoes for disc golf, the prices will begin to lower.

Disc Golf Basket

disc golf gifts: basket for putting at home

I mentioned earlier that putting better is the quickest way to lower a disc golfer’s score. Owning a disc golf basket is the best way to practice putting.

I bought a used basket, and my putting has improved because I can practice whenever possible.

The price will depend on which basket you purchase, but you should expect to pay more than $100 for a quality basket, no matter the brand.

This is one of the best gifts for people who play disc golf all the time.

Disc Golf Cart

A disc golf cart probably is different from what you’re thinking. It’s not a reimagined golf cart.

Disc golf carts are small carts with a built-in bag or hold a disc golf bag so the player can roll it around instead of carrying it. They’re not motorized and typically only have two wheels. Sometimes, they double as seats, which is nice for those long days on the course without benches.

While many brands have begun manufacturing disc golf carts, the best-known disc golf cart brand is Zucca. They offer a wide variety of carts at a few different price points. However, be prepared to spend at least $100 for the basic cart or $350 for their higher-end carts.

Disc Golf Range Finder

Another disc golf gift that most people don’t think of is a range finder.

A disc golf range finder is great for determining how far the disc golfer can throw and the distance to the basket.

Knowing these things helps the player choose the best disc for their shot, which means they’ll shave off a stroke or two each round.

While a range finder designed for shooting sports will work, companies like Bushnell are beginning to make disc golf range finders that have features beneficial to disc golfers for $150.

BONUS Gifts for Disc Golf Lovers

I know I said I only had 15 disc golf gift ideas initially, but I decided you might want a few others.

So here are a couple more gifts for people who like disc golf.

Lightweight Portable Seat

Some disc golf courses don’t have benches readily available. So instead of the disc golfer leaning against a tree or sitting in the grass, you can buy them a portable seat.

A small foldable stool works great for players who like to take a quick break between throws.

These portable stools aren’t expensive and will save your disc golfer’s feet when playing a long course without benches.

The primary considerations are that the stool fits in their bag or easily attaches to it and is lightweight.

Disc Rack

If the disc golfer in your life loves collecting discs, they need a way to keep their discs organized.

A disc rack is the best way to do this; however, they won’t be able to show off their discs very well with one.

A disc rack is a shelf that holds discs. It’s designed, so the discs won’t roll off the stand, as they would with a typical bookshelf.

The price will depend on the size, but you should expect to pay at least $100 for a quality disc rack.

New Discs

Speaking of collecting discs, every disc golfer loves getting new discs.

You can ask them what their favorite discs are or if there are any discs they’ve wanted to test and purchase them.

Or you can hook them up with a subscription box that delivers random discs to their door.

Because discs aren’t crazy expensive, you can purchase several to make your disc golfer’s day extra special.

Final Putt: Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Choosing the best disc golf gifts will depend on the disc golfer you’re buying them for; however, if you stick with one of the ideas above, you’re sure to make them smile when they open their gift.

You’ll be the hero of the Holidays!

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