Hyzer Vs. Anhyzer: Don’t Get This WRONG!

A hyzer throw is when you angle the top of the disc away from you, and an anhyzer throw is when you angle the top of the disc towards you as you throw.

This is the oversimplified explanation of hyzer vs anhyzer. So whether you’re a die-hard disc golfer or a total nube who’s already obsessed with the game, keep reading to learn the differences between hyzer and anhyzer shots.

What is a Hyzer Release?

A hyzer shouldn’t be confused with throwing an overstable disc, even though they have a similar effect. You can throw an overstable or understable disc on a hyzer line or anhyzer line to manipulate how the disc flies.

Releasing the disc on a hyzer angle causes it to travel to the left more than it would, throwing it flat for righthand backhand (RHBH) or lefthand forehand (LHFH) throws. The opposite is true for RHFH and LHBH shots.

One thing that can be a bit confusing for beginners is that the hyzer technique and anhyzer technique have varying amounts, meaning the disc’s flight changes with how much anhyzer or hyzer angle you release the disc on.

Developing a Hyzer Release

Most disc golf coaches agree that bending at the waist is the best way to develop a hyzer release.

Unlike changing the disc angle with your wrist or arm, bending at the waist gives you a much more consistent angle, which means you hit your line much more often, leading to lower scores.

Bending at the waist or leaning forward more will give your disc more hyzer angler while standing up straight and slightly leaning back will provide you with more anhyzer angle.

When to Use a Hyzer Shot

A hyzer shot is one of the most consistent throws, so knowing when to throw your disc on hyzer is guaranteed to shave strokes off your score.

So let’s start with hyzer disc selection.

You can throw any disc on hyzer, but overstable discs will have a much more drastic move to the left for RHBH and LHFH throwers and vice versa for RHFH and LHBH throwers.

However, understable discs will have a straighter flight because the hyzer angler will counteract the natural understability of the discs.

Now, let’s ensure you have the right disc for the shot!

If you’re playing in a wide-open field, a spike hyzer throw will likely be your best bet because it is the most reliably accurate disc golf throw.

If you’re in the woods and need to hit a tight gap, an understable disc thrown on a slight hyzer angle or a straight flying disc thrown flat will likely be your best choice.

Other times you need to throw a disc on hyzer include when you’re trying to get around a corner and throwing for max distance with an understable disc.

What is an Anhyzer Angle?

Throwing a disc on anhyzer means you release it with the top of the disc facing you.

This will cause an overstable disc to resist crashing to the left as fast for RHBH disc golfers, depending on the severity of the anhyzer angle you release the disc on. This is one way to get maximum distance out of an overstable disc.

Developing an Anhyzer Release

The best disc golfers stand straight up or lean slightly backward (depending on how much anhyzer angle they want to put on it) to get the most consistent anhyzer release.

Just like when throwing a hyzer, adjusting the angle of the disc by bending at the waist will be much more consistent than changing it with your wrist or arm.

When to Use an Anhyzer Shot

Having an anhyzer throw in your back pocket can help you navigate the course much more efficiently than disc golfers without one.

So when should we be throwing anhyzer shots?

As with hyzer throws, anhyzer disc selection is where it all begins.

If you choose a disc that is too understable, your throw might turn into a roller, or at the very least, you’ll shank it into next week.

So unless you’re attempting a roller shot, it’s best to use stable and overstable discs for anhyzer throws.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hyzer Vs Anhyzer

Below, I’ve rounded up some of the most commonly asked questions about hyzer vs anhyzer shots.

What is a Hyzer Flip?

A hyzer flip is similar to an S-shot, except the flight path is straighter. You’ll throw an understable disc on hyzer so the natural understability of the disc causes it to “flip up” and fly straighter than it usually does.

What’s the difference between Hyzer vs Anhyzer?

The difference between a hyzer and an anhyzer is that they cause the disc to travel in opposite directions. A hyzer angle will cause the disc to move to the left for RHBH players, and an anhyzer angle will cause the disc to move to the right for RHBH players and vice versa for LHBH players.

Why is it called a hyzer?

It is called a hyzer because it’s named after disc-throwing legend H.R. “Fling” Hyzer. Take advantage of our history of disc golf to learn everything you need to know about our beloved sport!

How do you throw an Anhyzer and Hyzer in disc golf?

To throw an anhyzer in disc golf, stand up straight or slightly lean back to make the top of the disc face you as you throw. To throw a hyzer in disc golf, bend forward so the top of the disc faces away from you.

Why don’t pros throw understable discs?

Pros don’t throw understable discs because they throw discs too fast. They would throw lots of rollers if they used understable discs.

Final Putt: Hyzer vs Anhyzer

Now that you know the difference between a hyzer vs anhyzer, it’s time to head to your local disc golf course and test it out!

Trust me; it takes lots of practice, so don’t get too discouraged if you don’t immediately start throwing anhyzers and hyzers.

If you’re struggling to grasp all these disc golf terms. Don’t worry; we have you covered! After reading this article, you’ll sound like a professional disc golfer the next time you step on the tee pad.

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