Mastering Flight: The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Grips

Disc Golf Grips

To be honest, disc golf grips are probably one of the most comprehensively complicated topics I’ve ever covered.  It has to be that way, simply because everyone is different.  Some people have long fingers, some short, some large, and some thin. Some have to work within the scope of a disability.  Proper disc golf grips, … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Putters In 2024

Best Disc Golf Putter

When I first started playing, the idea of the best disc golf putters for disc golfers was the furthest thing from my mind.  I imagine that for most beginners, putters are low on the totem pole. Initially, it was all about finding the driver that would go the distance and getting the form down right.  … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Shoes For Serious Disc Golfers

For those serious about the sport, the best disc golf shoes are a must-have commodity that is sorely underrated among new frolfers.  In fact, it’s usually the last thing a casual, first-time disc golfer considers.  However, take it from the veteran players—running an 18-hole course, especially one with many elevation changes, in a pair of … Read more

Best Disc Golf Bags and Backpacks on the Market in 2024

Best Disc Golf Bags and Backpacks

The best disc golf bags on the market are often a personal, subjective choice.  Its size, features, and accommodations generally match what the consumer is looking for.  Not everyone needs a 30-disc bag, while others like to bring the entire disc golf factory with them. Knowing that and rocking a Dynamic Discs Trooper bag of … Read more

What Is Disc Golf? Learn to Play Frisbee Golf and the Equipment Needed for Frolf!

What is disc golf?

Disc golf, frisbee golf, or my wife’s favorite frolf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world because it’s simple and inexpensive to play. So it’s no surprise you’ve stumbled across this article, answering the decades-old question, “What is disc golf?” In short, disc golf is a flying disc game where you attempt … Read more

The Essential Disc Buying Guide for EVERY Disc Golfer

Disc Buying Guide

Over the years, I’ve found that using the right disc for the shot is critical to excel in disc golf. With so many options available, it’s overwhelming for beginners to navigate the world of disc buying. I was shocked to learn how many different types of discs there were when I first started playing, and … Read more

How Many Discs You Need For Disc Golf? Honest Assessment Based On Your Skill Level

How many discs do you need for disc golf

After playing disc golf for several years, I’ve come to think the average player doesn’t need that many discs. That still raises the question, “How many discs do you need for disc golf”? To get started playing disc golf, all you NEED is 1 disc. I began my disc golfing journey with three discs. However, … Read more

Overstable Vs. Understable: Understabilty for the Win?

Overstable vs understable

Hey, fellow disc golfer! Disc golf terms can get a little confusing, especially to new players. One of the most commonly asked questions beginner disc golfers ask is, “What are the differences between overstable and understable discs?” The quick answers to overstable vs understable are- That’s the basic explanation, but stopping there would be like … Read more

Disc Golf Techniques Beginners Crash Course: From Tee to Green

Disc Golf Techniques

Whether you are new to disc golf or looking to improve your game, looking at disc golf techniques may be just the thing you are looking for. From throwing styles, to form and grip techniques, this all-inclusive guide to throwing the disc will help you jump in or even brush up on all the technical … Read more

The Best Exercises for Disc Golf: A Personalize Disc Golf Workout Plan

Disc Golf Exercises

One thing that is commonly said around the disc golf community is that you do not need to exercise to be a better player. Here at OK Disc Golfer, we subscribe to the belief that exercises for disc golf are essential.  Exercise can reap many rewards for those who can find a workout routine that … Read more