The Best Portable Disc Golf Basket For Every Disc Golfer in 2024

best portable disc golf basket

Some of my best portable disc golf basket picks will surprise you.  Why?  Well, I’m a big believer in the tried-and-true weighted baseball bat. After a few practice swings with a heavier bat, when you step up to the plate, that bat feels like a feather.  As you will soon see, a useful and simple … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Range Finder For Every Disc Golfer

Best disc golf range finder

A disc golf range finder is a surprisingly invaluable tool to have in your bag.  Not because depth perception is a common problem or anything, but mostly because precision distances are often the difference between finishing under and having a terrible day.  Golf has range finders, so it’s only fair that disc golf has them … Read more

Best Disc Golf Bags and Backpacks on the Market in 2024

Best Disc Golf Bags and Backpacks

The best disc golf bags on the market are often a personal, subjective choice.  Its size, features, and accommodations generally match what the consumer is looking for.  Not everyone needs a 30-disc bag, while others like to bring the entire disc golf factory with them. Knowing that and rocking a Dynamic Discs Trooper bag of … Read more

The Truth Behind How Disc Golf Discs Are Made

How Disc Golf Discs Are Made

Have you ever wondered how disc golf discs are made? In this article, we will take a deep dive into the manufacturing process of disc golf discs. From the initial design stages to the final product, we’ll explore the materials, molding techniques, and quality control measures that go into creating your favorite frisbee golf disc. … Read more

A Brief Disc Golf History: From Metal Pie Lids to Recycled Plastic Discs

Disc Golf History

The origins of disc golf are often traced back to Ed Headrick, who is credited with inventing the frisbee in 1966, and the disc golf pole hole in 1975. However, disc golf history began much earlier than the 1960s and has an intricate past that has led to the sport we know today. When was … Read more

The Ultimate Disc Golf Plastic Comparison Chart

How Disc Golf Discs Are Made

Who has the time to memorize all the different types of plastics used by disc companies? I sure don’t! That’s why I created this disc golf plastic comparison article. Bookmark it and use it as a quick reference page when you’re comparing the same disc in different molds or similar discs from different brands. No … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Puns and Jokes Worth A Laugh

disc golf puns

Do you want to hear a disc golf joke? My driving distance… As fun as disc golf is, sometimes it’s nice to keep the mood light. Every round doesn’t have to be taken as seriously as a tournament. Relax and share some laughs with your friends. It’s okay to laugh at yourselves or each other. … Read more

15 of the Best Disc Golf Gifts EVERY Disc Golfer Wants

What is disc golf?

For some of us, buying gifts is difficult. We want the gift to represent our appreciation for the receiver and the person to love the gift. That’s why we often buy stuff related to their favorite hobbies. Hence you’re here looking for the best disc golf gifts for a friend or loved one. As an … Read more

30 Disc Golf Accessories EVERY Disc Golfer NEEDS

Whether you’ve played one round of disc golf or have been disc golfing since the dinosaurs walked the earth, newer, better disc golf gear always seems to be coming out. So, how do you know what you actually need and what would be nice to have when playing disc golf? I’ve researched and tested many … Read more