The Best Disc Golf Shoes For Serious Disc Golfers

For those serious about the sport, the best disc golf shoes are a must-have commodity that is sorely underrated among new frolfers.  In fact, it’s usually the last thing a casual, first-time disc golfer considers.  However, take it from the veteran players—running an 18-hole course, especially one with many elevation changes, in a pair of … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Range Finder For Every Disc Golfer

Best disc golf range finder

A disc golf range finder is a surprisingly invaluable tool to have in your bag.  Not because depth perception is a common problem or anything, but mostly because precision distances are often the difference between finishing under and having a terrible day.  Golf has range finders, so it’s only fair that disc golf has them … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Equipment

Disc golf doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but there are a few items you need and several others that are worth picking up to improve your game. Below, you’ll find review articles and lists of disc golf gear that will help you lower your score.