The Best Disc Golf Putters In 2024

Best Disc Golf Putter

When I first started playing, the idea of the best disc golf putters for disc golfers was the furthest thing from my mind.  I imagine that for most beginners, putters are low on the totem pole. Initially, it was all about finding the driver that would go the distance and getting the form down right.  … Read more

Overstable Vs. Understable: Understabilty for the Win?

Overstable vs understable

Hey, fellow disc golfer! Disc golf terms can get a little confusing, especially to new players. One of the most commonly asked questions beginner disc golfers ask is, “What are the differences between overstable and understable discs?” The quick answers to overstable vs understable are- That’s the basic explanation, but stopping there would be like … Read more

The Ultimate Disc Golf Plastic Comparison Chart

How Disc Golf Discs Are Made

Who has the time to memorize all the different types of plastics used by disc companies? I sure don’t! That’s why I created this disc golf plastic comparison article. Bookmark it and use it as a quick reference page when you’re comparing the same disc in different molds or similar discs from different brands. No … Read more

Types of Disc Golf Throws for EVERY Situation

Types of disc golf throws

As a beginner disc golfer, you might know a couple of types of disc golf throws, the backhand and forehand. While these are the two most common disc golf techniques, expert players use many other throws to lower their scores. Once you’re confident in your backhand and sidearm throws, you should try learning more advanced … Read more