Hyzer Vs. Anhyzer: Don’t Get This WRONG!

hyzer vs anhyzer

A hyzer throw is when you angle the top of the disc away from you, and an anhyzer throw is when you angle the top of the disc towards you as you throw. This is the oversimplified explanation of hyzer vs anhyzer. So whether you’re a die-hard disc golfer or a total nube who’s already … Read more

Overstable Vs. Understable: Understabilty for the Win?

Overstable vs understable

Hey, fellow disc golfer! Disc golf terms can get a little confusing, especially to new players. One of the most commonly asked questions beginner disc golfers ask is, “What are the differences between overstable and understable discs?” The quick answers to overstable vs understable are- That’s the basic explanation, but stopping there would be like … Read more

Ace in Disc Golf: Beginners Guide to Understanding Disc Golf Aces

I’ll never forget my first ace, a 300ft forehand shot on hole 3 of my home course at Oologah Lake. Too bad no one else was there to witness it, nor have I been able to duplicate it since. At the time, I didn’t realize how hard it was to get an ace in disc … Read more

A Brief Disc Golf History: From Metal Pie Lids to Recycled Plastic Discs

Disc Golf History

The origins of disc golf are often traced back to Ed Headrick, who is credited with inventing the frisbee in 1966, and the disc golf pole hole in 1975. However, disc golf history began much earlier than the 1960s and has an intricate past that has led to the sport we know today. When was … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Puns and Jokes Worth A Laugh

disc golf puns

Do you want to hear a disc golf joke? My driving distance… As fun as disc golf is, sometimes it’s nice to keep the mood light. Every round doesn’t have to be taken as seriously as a tournament. Relax and share some laughs with your friends. It’s okay to laugh at yourselves or each other. … Read more

30 Disc Golf Accessories EVERY Disc Golfer NEEDS

Whether you’ve played one round of disc golf or have been disc golfing since the dinosaurs walked the earth, newer, better disc golf gear always seems to be coming out. So, how do you know what you actually need and what would be nice to have when playing disc golf? I’ve researched and tested many … Read more

Disc Golf Terms Dictionary: Translating Disc Golf Slang

As a beginner, I was confused by many disc golf terms when I watched it on YouTube or played with more advanced players. It’s taken several years of playing and researching to come up with this disc golf dictionary. However, I made it so you won’t be confused by the slang used by disc golfers … Read more