The Best Disc Golf Range Finder For Every Disc Golfer

Best disc golf range finder

A disc golf range finder is a surprisingly invaluable tool to have in your bag.  Not because depth perception is a common problem or anything, but mostly because precision distances are often the difference between finishing under and having a terrible day.  Golf has range finders, so it’s only fair that disc golf has them … Read more

The Essential Disc Buying Guide for EVERY Disc Golfer

Disc Buying Guide

Over the years, I’ve found that using the right disc for the shot is critical to excel in disc golf. With so many options available, it’s overwhelming for beginners to navigate the world of disc buying. I was shocked to learn how many different types of discs there were when I first started playing, and … Read more

A Brief Disc Golf History: From Metal Pie Lids to Recycled Plastic Discs

Disc Golf History

The origins of disc golf are often traced back to Ed Headrick, who is credited with inventing the frisbee in 1966, and the disc golf pole hole in 1975. However, disc golf history began much earlier than the 1960s and has an intricate past that has led to the sport we know today. When was … Read more

15 of the Best Disc Golf Gifts EVERY Disc Golfer Wants

What is disc golf?

For some of us, buying gifts is difficult. We want the gift to represent our appreciation for the receiver and the person to love the gift. That’s why we often buy stuff related to their favorite hobbies. Hence you’re here looking for the best disc golf gifts for a friend or loved one. As an … Read more

Here’s Where to Buy Disc Golf Discs Online & In-Person

So your friend just introduced you to disc golf, and you want to start playing on your own, but you have no idea where to buy disc golf discs. Don’t worry; there are many places to purchase discs so you can get on the course ASAP! As a beginner, I recommend buying them in person, … Read more