Here’s Where to Buy Disc Golf Discs Online & In-Person

So your friend just introduced you to disc golf, and you want to start playing on your own, but you have no idea where to buy disc golf discs.

Don’t worry; there are many places to purchase discs so you can get on the course ASAP!

As a beginner, I recommend buying them in person, so you can feel them in your hands before spending your money.

However, you can also buy disc golf discs online.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best places to visit when buying frisbee golf discs.

Best Places to Buy Disc Golf Discs Online

As I mentioned, I preferred to feel the disc before I bought it when I first began playing disc golf.

So, I didn’t consider buying from an online disc golf store.

As I have become more experienced, I have found the best place to purchase disc golf discs is online for a few reasons.

You can find cheap disc golf discs, so if you’re on a tight budget, you can stretch it a bit.

Or, if you’re a collector looking for the most expensive disc golf discs, you can also find the rare discs you’ve been dying to own online.

I’ve done the difficult work of creating a list of the best online disc golf stores below.

So take your pick!

where to buy disc golf discs primary image is one of the most trusted online disc golf retailers.

If a company makes disc golf gear, Infinite Discs either has it in stock or will have it in stock shortly. They carry disc golf bags, starter sets, accessories, disc golf baskets, and apparel.

They claim to have the world’s largest selection of discs, which might seem overwhelming to a beginner, but they have many other tools that help you quickly narrow down your decision.

The most crucial part is that their website is user-friendly, so you won’t have any difficulty finding what you need.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced disc golfer, you’ll be able to find everything you need at, the best online disc golf store.

Discount Disc Golf is one of the best disc golf websites for building a bag as a beginner.

They offer many disc golf starter sets from several brands and a best-for-beginners section, or you can purchase individual discs and accessories.

Keeping true to its name, Discount Disc Golf offers discount bundles, where you can build your own box of various discs or purchase a mystery box.

These boxes allow us disc golfers to purchase bulk disc golf discs at better pricing than buying them one at a time.

If you’re willing to throw misprinted or second-run discs, you can get excellent pricing on premium plastic discs.

Though doesn’t have as many products available as, they still offer many products at great prices that the average disc golfer should take advantage of when buying disc golf equipment.

Altitude Disc Golf has a similar logo to Discount Disc Golf, but I’m not sure they’re related.

This disc golf website sells discs, disc golf sets, and disc golf bags from many different disc golf brands.

I especially like the way they categorize their discs.

You can choose cheap disc golf discs, beginner-friendly discs, and starter sets from the homepage or select the type of disc you need.

Even though is a simple website, I like its functionality. It’s not overwhelming for beginners but offers enough information to help with purchasing decisions.

Disc Golf Center has a brick-and-mortar store and a website from which you can purchase disc golf equipment from many disc golf manufacturers.

Disc Golf Center has an incredible diversity of discs, frisbees, bags, minis, and other disc golf accessories at good prices.

However, it doesn’t offer as many brands as, and it has fewer options for beginner sets.

In my opinion, this website is best for intermediate to advanced players who know precisely what they’re looking for regarding the brand and type of disc.

Marshall Street Disc Golf is a disc golf pro shop located in Massachusetts, with one of the best disc golf websites for intermediate and advanced players.

It helps to understand disc golf numbers and terms when navigating their website; however, beginners can easily pick it up.

Marshall Street Disc Golf has lots of discs and accessories from numerous brands, so you’ll be able to find anything you need to take your disc golf game to the next level.

They offer free shipping on domestic orders over $55.

If you live in the area, you can schedule tee times for the local course ahead of time online.

Disc Nation is another in-person and online store located in Texas.

They have many different brands of discs, bags, and accessories.

The website’s best feature is the gift guide section because it narrows your choices to the category you’ve selected.

The categories are beginners, her, him, experienced, kids, and teens.

There’s a section for disc collectors under collectible discs; however, there aren’t always many options.

As long as your order is over $75, your shipping is free except for Hawaii and Alaska. offers reasonable pricing on a wide selection of disc golf gear for beginners and intermediate players.

Foundation Discs has a solid selection of disc brands, apparel, and accessories.

They offer free shipping in the United States on orders over $65.

If you buy a lot of disc golf gear, you might consider joining the Hyzer Club Store, where you can get exclusive discounts.

Foundation Discs is intended for committed disc golfers; I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners because you need to have a good understanding of brands and how each disc flies so that you order the best disc for you.

Discs Unlimited has been supplying the disc golf community with gear since 1987, and they continue to have a vast selection of discs, bags, baskets, and other accessories from several brands.

They have many different categories that help make choosing a disc easier; however, you’ll still need to understand some disc golf terms to make the best decision.

I like that Discs Unlimited offers beginners the option to choose starter sets from multiple brands, so you’re not stuck with only one option.

They also offer custom hot stamping if you’re into unique discs, but the minimum order is 50 discs.


Of course, has a few choices for discs at reasonable prices. However, they’re typically lower-quality discs, but they make a good entry point for beginners.

I don’t think Amazon is a great place for advanced disc golfers to buy gear, but if you’re a beginner, they offer cheap disc golf discs and gear alongside everything else they sell.

eBay offers disc collectors and players a wide selection of new and used disc golf discs.

It’s a good place to find rare and expensive discs or starter sets at reasonable prices.

Where to Buy Disc Golf Discs Near You

If you’re like me and prefer to get your hands on the discs before buying them, there are other stores you can visit in person when you’re wondering “where to buy disc golf discs near me?”

Local Disc Golf Store

This is my favorite place to buy disc golf gear for several reasons.

First, I like to support local businesses. They are sometimes more expensive, but it’s worth it to help the local economy instead of giving my money to a large corporation.

Second, they often have knowledgeable people who can help you choose the right gear.

Third, they have a better selection of new and used disc golf discs so that you can buy that hard-to-find disc.

Fourth, you’ll meet other disc golfers at the local shop who you can learn from and play a round or two with instead of learning and playing by yourself.


Like Amazon, Walmart has just about everything.

Walmart is great for buying beginner discs, but as you progress, you’ll see that they don’t offer the highest quality discs.

Academy Sports & Outdoors

When I visit Academy, they don’t have a huge disc golf section, but the selection is often better than Walmarts.

Sometimes, I find a good deal at Academy Sports & Outdoors, but it’s mostly hit or miss.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s also carries some disc golfing equipment and is on a similar level to Walmart and Academy.

Their prices are often a little more than average for the quality of the discs you buy.

Final Putt: Where to Buy Disc Golf Discs

Now that you know where to buy disc golf discs, it’s time to start building your bag!

As a beginner, I recommend keeping it simple and experimenting with different brands until you find the plastic you like to throw.

I hope to see you on the course soon!

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